Ivan Slunjski lives in Frankfurt/Main since he was born there. The subject he is now dealing with professionally is related to IT but he is a photographer by vocation. Actually he is just about to start his part-time photography business in the area of people and wedding reportage photography.

Photography for Ivan is a passion, a mixture of science and art that creates magic. One important element on his way to see life through photography is imperfection. It’s one reason why he mainly still chooses to shoot and develop film over digital. Imperfect Life is like photography, we develop from the negatives and the purpose of life is to be a creator of beautiful memories.

"Without pictures we wouldn't even know what our past has looked like." (Quote: Brian Adams)

facts about Ivan

  • one of the founder members of Collateral Eyes - a German Street Photography collective

  • self-taught photographer

  • coffee and (paper-) books lover

  • film photography enthusiast

  • photo gear denier

  • every day miracle: nothing can be taken for granted

  • every day dogma: always ask for the why behind

Why Ivan chooses film over digital
"It was just a lucky moment when my father brought me my old and very first Nikon which I have forgotten in my parent's storeroom. And without a specific reason I've ried to expose a film roll. I think it was a low budget Kodak Film. After I've finished this roll I brought it to the next shop in our city for development. It was so excited because I felt like I jumped into a time machine and had a journey through time. Since I had to pay for the development I really was afraid to make any hasty click so I thought twice about what I would capture. And finally when I've got my paper pictures back I was so amazed about the fact that I didn't had to go back to the computer for post processing anymore. I already saw the results in my hands. I remember this feeling exactly: it was a deep freedom I've almost forgotten. So my longing for memories and beauty and simplicity were resurrected and I began to grow in my heart.

To cut a long story short, in terms of photography progress I had to move backwards. After I’ve discovered the film photography world I realized that there is so much truth within it. With film photography now I have the feeling that I came home.

I never wanted to become a photographer, I just wanted to understand photography. And film photography was able to explain it to me. Gear doesn't mean anything to me anymore. But what really matters is the reason behind the gear, why you would choose something and what you want to create with it. That's my dogma now. "



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